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A Letter To All, Particularly For Women

A Message to All, Particularly for Women,

We all watched, with an incredibly close eye, as the votes were counted and recorded for the special Senate election in Alabama between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones. Amidst the disturbing stories of racism, homophobia and alleged pedophilia, people watched and waited. Then, the state of Alabama voted for a Democrat to fill the Senate seat historically been held by Republicans.

More accurately, approximately 98% of Black women voted for the Democrat Doug Jones while 63% of White women voted for Moore. Amazing! One translation: Women who resembled the alleged victims were in fact supporting the accused. It is time we confront the 63%. What would cause devoted affiliation to party over principle? And what is the role of a progressive church in challenging such a traditional commitment?

To begin to chip away at 63%, we need to grow our understanding of Jesus. Jesus, the love and kindness, the giving and sacrifice and the community service and political interest that many African Americans have witnessed through the Civil Rights Movement. It culminates into what Womanist theologian, Dr. Jacquelyn Grant, describes as a theology of somebodiness, which says “inspite the world’s denial of you, Jesus (God) affirms you.” I am convinced that enclosed in much of what is called tradition is a history of being denied and a refusal to be heard. This triggers some to follow tradition out of a real desire to belong to the multitudes. What would happen if one would step away from the majority, and turn to the affirming love of the only ONE that matters?

It would be refreshing to embody an affirming theology while starting the dialogue with family, friends and even co-workers by asking them “Can you go with principle over party?” Or by asking if they even recognize what they are really missing in their lives. Women of the church community must raise their voices and let their light shine. Not only will it be strength to their own sense of being, but it will certainly show love and affirmation to others in need. It is time, way beyond time!

“Dear Sister, We were not established by the commonality of the womb, but by the many God-given opportunities birthed in the world. We were determined at creation, we share a created space and it is the creativity that truly sustains us. We are intertwined, believe it or not, harmonizing as three in one. We are identical in intent on so many levels. To my dear sweet sister, God’s light continues to shine on you and me too.“





Rev. Krista Forbes,

Acting Pastor

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