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A Reminder From President Eisenhower











I really hate that tomorrow is the first of March. If tomorrow was February 29 it would mean this is a leap year and, therefore, an election year, and there might be some hope for our nation. However, considering how much damage has been done to our national values and systems in just more than a month, it looks highly doubtful that any nation could withstand another 47 months of this.

Every morning, before I can even pray, I feel a compelling need to check to be sure we haven’t launched a nuclear attack at two a.m., or that a late-night Tweet hasn’t compelled another country to attack us. Every week I wonder whose rights will be weakened in order to strengthen corporate interests. Last week it was a return to using for-profit prisons. What could possibly go wrong in a country when it is profitable to lock up more poor people who cannot afford good lawyers?

On Sunday, the administration announced it is going to cut spending for environmental protection, health care, cancer research, education, care for the poor and elderly, and building roads and bridges, so it can increase military spending by nearly 10 percent, even though we already spend more on the military than the next seven nations combined and more on the military than anything else in the budget. Oh, I know some people will say “entitlements” take up more of the budget, but I am entitled to Social Security and Medicare because, according to my paycheck, I pay for it, not because the government is so kind and generous. They are not spending that money; they are returning it to people to whom it is owed.

The charts above tell the truth, and we need to speak truth to power and raise hell with our senators and congresspeople, reminding them that a REPUBLICAN general and president named Eisenhower warned them and us about the danger of overfeeding the military-industrial complex.




Rev. Michael Piazza

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