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An Omission is the Same as a Lie

If you are like me, you probably look at some of the legislation that Congress passes and wonder if people are just crazy. They are not, but they are brainwashed. Politicians have gerrymandered their districts to the point that their only constituents are those who think like they do, so they HAVE to do crazy things because their brainwashed constituents expect it.

In conservative districts the major source of information comes from Fox “News,” and they report only what suits their narrative. Take, for example, the recent revelations that right-wing, anti-gay, Josh Duggar of “19 Kinds and Counting” fame molested several girls, including his younger sisters. Such flagrant hypocrisy by religious right-wingers has become common place, but the family is on TV and, therefore, are celebrities. In America, celebrity wrong-doing is NEWS.

DuggarUnless, of course, you are Fox News. Telling the truth about conservative right-wing religious hypocrisy doesn’t match the conservative right-wing hypocritical narrative they are using to brainwash older, white, conservative, and/or Southern voters. Although other networks reported the story, Fox pretended it didn’t happen, so their viewers could pretend it didn’t matter.

The thing is IT DOES MATTER. Omitting the truth is the same as telling a lie, and, by persistent lying to a rather significant portion of the population, they are dividing us because, while some of us are grappling with hard truths, Fox viewers believe lies.

Now that might sound harsh, but they are destroying our country and making Christianity so odious that I found the recent report that more and more young people are atheists to be good news. At least they aren’t believing in the demonic God of the Right.

I have stated this as strongly as possible because, as disturbing as white conservatives being brainwashed is, progressive people of faith being passive or apathetic is even more dangerous.



Rev. Michael Piazza

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