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Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

This Sunday the Hebrew lesson and Gospel lesson both talk about dancing. So, the movie we are using at Virginia-Highland Church as part of our summer sermon series Faith & Film is “Footloose.” Frankly, I had never seen the movie until I had to write the sermon. I can’t believe how young Kevin Bacon looked. The fashion, the stars, and the values all seemed ancient. It was a shock to my system when I realized that the movie came out a dozen years after I danced at my own senior prom. Dang. Kevin Bacon isn’t the only one who has aged …

In Sunday’s sermon, one of the things I want to ask is, “Where did our dance go?” Did age take it from us? How did we become so reserved, constrained, inhibited, tired? Okay, being tired might be a function of age, but we don’t have to let time rob us of our passion, enthusiasm, and exuberance.

If you are in Atlanta on Sunday I hope you will join us at Virginia-Highland Church and recover the dance of your life. I think the scriptures offer us a clue about how we lost it and, perhaps, how we can find it again.

Although it has been attributed to a wide variety of people, and we all have heard it a thousand times, I want to invite you, as you read each of the following lines, to think of how you might take this advice THIS weekend:

Dance Like




Rev. Michael Piazza

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