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Dejuan Guillory

This beautiful young man is Dejuan Guillory. You may never have heard of him, but you should have. On July 6, he was shot dead by a rural Louisiana sheriff’s deputy. His crime? He was riding an all-terrain vehicle on a rural gravel road.

As you can see from the photo below of this road, and the hearse that picked up his body, this was hardly a significant traffic issue, let alone a capital crime, yet another young black man is dead without a chance to be a father to these two young Halloween-costumed kids.

We keep saying, “This has got to stop” and “Black Lives Matter,” but we shouldn’t blame African-Americans for accusing you and me of being co-conspirators in their executions. SAYING that black lives matter doesn’t do much good, unless we are also willing to work, protest, and DO something to change things. There must be a cultural change, and that won’t happen if meek and mild liberals simply keep shaking their heads and then forgetting the names of the slaughtered.

I know this is a complex issue, but it will never be addressed if we keep talking only to ourselves or joining the conspiracy of silence. Unless we are willing to do something and speak up, we should never again wonder how “good Germans” stood by while the Holocaust happened. The least you can do is share this picture of Dejuan and his kids with others who, unlike you, may not even care.






Rev. Michael Piazza

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