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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

Well Happy New Year to each of you!

We are only a few days into 2018 and what a start!

The ink is still wet on the passing of that horrendous tax bill in December, and there are so many other riveting headlines in the news. Winter storms across the nation, up and down the East Coast with Florida seeing snow. More threats from Kim Jong Un. And hot of the press, the news outlets are all a-buzz about Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury and numerous statements made by the former White House chief strategist. Trying to catch up and stay in step with all that is happening is almost like watching a highly competitive tennis match or a rivalry hockey match. Things happen so fast during the actual game that you cannot keep up and you resort to watching the highlights on television to see what you missed.

cmart29 / Pixabay

In less than 30 hours we have learned contents of this book that are so mind blowing that our heads are about to explode (or at least my head). There are accusations of treason, regrets of an election win and the lack of White House priorities. A cease and desist order is being considered and the “L” word is being uttered… Lawsuit. Many are watching the major news networks to see what has been missed, and checking Twitter for updates to catch up on the main attraction.

So much energy has been exerted to keep up with the attractions, truly reality TV at its best. As I almost got distracted by all of the clatter, when a spiritual interruption occurred. I was reminded of the sacred text in the Book of Wisdom:

To keep my eyes straight ahead and ignore all sideshow distractions.

Proverbs 4:25

The timing of this release and the name of the book itself, Fire and Fury is so ironic. As the saying goes ‘where there is smoke there is fire’, and in this case there is a massive smoke screen hovering in the air that we cannot ignore.

A smoke screen is commonly used by military forces to conceal the movement of a force group so the other group does not see what is really taking place. If we stay focused on the distractions, we will lose sight of what is really going on in Washington. We must pay attention to other news stories: the immigration policy returns on the Republican repeal agenda along with healthcare, the huge gap in equal pay and while recreation marijuana use law passes in California, all legal marijuana use may be overturned by the Attorney General’s office. Not to mention that restoration from Hurricane Maria is still incredibly slow, with only 55% of Puerto Rico residents having power and sporadic power on the U.S. Virgin Islands.

No, we cannot be preoccupied by the distractions in DC. We stand to lose too much if we are! The disciple Peter took his eyes of God and started to sink while walking on water. We must be vigilante, we must write to our elected officials and let them know we are watching, peering through all of the smoke. Let us come together on behalf of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and all of the Caribbean to get needed resources so they can have a life, not just lights. Let our collective voices of righteousness raise above the clanging to speak out for the 21st Century Dreamers who desire to join the descendants of the 15th Century European immigrants.

Virginia-Highland, be aware of the tools of deception that cause such diversion. As the smoke rises, let us go low where the air is clear and continue to Do Justice.





Rev. Krista Forbes,

Acting Pastor

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