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I Am Mad As Hell

I am mad as hell. Admittedly, much of that anger is rooted in my grief at the loss of Bill, my dreams, my future, and so much of who I am and was becoming as we went through life together, but I’m also really pissed at what is happening in our country. How can people let our nation’s values and principles be eroded so crassly?

The anger that I feel has made me more aggressive when I see a wrong. I have never been one simply to take injustice or people’s abuse or rudeness passively, but these days are even worse. What frustrates me most, though, is how prevalent apathy seems to be.

I listen to the dishonesty, selfishness, and greed that dominate our political leadership, and I want to scream, “Don’t you care?” I remarked recently about the level of apathy that I see, and the person with whom I was talking said very wisely, “Oh, people aren’t apathetic. They care deeply. The trouble is they only care about themselves.”

That is a level of cynicism that I haven’t reached quite yet. Surely people are just in shock and simply don’t know what to do. It is tempting to shout, “Do SOMETHING, ANYTHING before it is too late!” The trouble is, when people feel overwhelmed, powerless, and hopeless, they turn increasingly inward, caring for themselves and their own and letting the rest go.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell seems to understand this. He and his colleagues crafted what is the most universally hated piece of legislation: cutting taxes on the richest by cutting health care for the poorest. One commentary observed that McConnell figures, with Congress’ approval rating lingering below 20 percent, there is nothing they can do to make it worse. He also knows that they have so gerrymandered the country, and spun the truth into a lie so well, that there is little chance that people will care enough to even vote them out of office.

I don’t know about you, but that makes me mad as hell.




Rev. Michael Piazza

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