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I Miss My Friend

Bill and I were not thrilled when we moved to Texas. To adjust, we decided that, each year, we would learn about something “Texan” that would make us enjoy living there more. Bill learned to two-step, and we both learned to walk in cowboy boots. We learned to love Tex-Mex, though Bill never liked jalapenos. One year, I learned all about tequila, which probably was the year we learned to enjoy living there.

Then there was the year we learned to love country music. Our favorite place to go and run into congregants is called The Roundup. I could watch people dance there all night, though I never got the hang of it. I did get to know a good bit about country music, though, which is why I wasn’t surprised when YouTube recently recommended a video by country singer Darryl Worley.

The song is entitled I Miss My Friend (watch above). The lyrics express musically the stage of grief I am feeling most acutely right now:

I miss the colors that you brought into my life
Your golden smile, those blue-green eyes
I miss your gentle voice in lonely times like now
Saying it’ll be alright

I miss my friend
The one my heart and soul confided in
The one I felt the safest with
The one who knew just what to say to make me laugh again
And let the light back in
I miss my friend

There was something about Bill’s spirit that could convince me that things would “be alright.” That has been one of the things I have missed most. Many friends and loved ones have tried to reassure me, but none of them are the “one my heart and soul confided in.”

Having that person in your life is a true gift, one you may not miss until it is gone. Only then do you realize how much you need someone to be that kind of friend. Only then do you realize how much you need to BE that kind of friend to someone.




Rev. Michael Piazza

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