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Parish Council

2018 Parish Council

Your Parish Council works closely with church staff to manage the operations, finances and our building. Your Parish Council is comprised of members of the congregation who have volunteered their time to serve in this role. Parish Council members serve on staggered terms of service. Each year, the congregation is asked to confirm new members in an official vote.

The Parish Council meets on the Second Sunday of each month after worship. Your attendance is welcomed.

The 2018 Parish Council members are Mike Mitchell (President), Zach Kaskey (Treasurer),  Betsy Walsh, Gary Montgomery, Hillary Rightler, Faye Codding, Krista Walton and Michael Jackson (MJ).

VHC WishList - What gifts speak to you?

There are many more ways you can help our church grow and improve. Here are a few:
  1. Sign-up for auto-giving
  2. Volunteer to help run the multimedia on Sundays. We'll show you how!
  3. Donate your time and/or money to help us continue to grow our children/youth ministry.
  4. Join our music ministry or financially help them obtain even more music.
  5. Make an extra donation to support building maintenance. There are several projects we'd like to tackle this year, including:
    1. Fixing a persistent leak in the balcony before Easter Sunday (when we need every seat in the house). We suspect adding more insulation will address the issue and are obtaining quotes now.
    2. Rebuilding the flat roof on the west side of our church (estimates: $5,000)
    3. Replacing lights in the sanctuary. Scaffolding will be required to address, which increases the cost.
    4. Areas of flooring on the lowest level of our building need to be repaired to prevent tripping hazards.
    5. Re-plaster and improved waterproofing for storage rooms on the lowest level of the building.
    6. Calking and/or re-grouting the middle window of the east side of the sanctuary (waterproofing)

Parish Council Updates

PC Update – May 2018

Here are some quick updates from our most recent Parish Council meeting. Micah 6:8 Challenge Response to this challenge has been fantastic. We’re just over halfway to our goal and we’ve seen a notable increase in the number of people who have signed-up for auto-giving. Thank you! One reason auto-giving is so important is that […]

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PC Update – April 2018

Spring is a time of new beginnings, both in nature and in our spiritual lives. It’s also the perfect time for some fresh perspectives and new beginnings at our beloved church. In that spirit, the Parish Council and Virginia-Highland Church Staff held an all-day retreat on Saturday, April 14 at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in […]

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PC Update – March 2018

Here is the scoop from the March 11 Parish Council Meeting. Fun with Numbers Treasurer Zach Kaskey reviewed our finances to-date. Overall finances are essentially flat. Some people accelerated their giving at the end of 2017 because of the pending changes to tax laws, so we need to monitor the impact that has on finances […]

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PC Update – February 2018

Your Parish Council met after church on February 11 for our regular monthly meeting. I wanted to share a few highlights from that meeting to help you stay informed. Let’s start with some good news. Look what someone gave! It would be charitable to say that the laptop that Jean Miller has been using to […]

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Recently Completed

Thanks to your gifts and efforts, we have recently completed the following work:

  1. Enhanced and/or repaired all outdoor lighting.
  2. Hired a contractor to take care of tree limbs and other hazards in the parish building (house next to the church).
  3. Replaced a window in the children's area that posed a potential hazard.
  4. Repaired an area of ceiling in the pre-school area that needed urgent repair.
  5. Fixed the garbage disposal in the church kitchen.
  6. Secured regular maintenance for our heating/cooling systems.
  7. Contracted for regular maintenance on our church grounds during the growing season.
  8. Addressed needs for new ballasts on light fixtures around the building. Our building is older. Modern light bulbs require more modern lighting ballasts.