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PC Update – February 2018

Your Parish Council met after church on February 11 for our regular monthly meeting. I wanted to share a few highlights from that meeting to help you stay informed.

Let’s start with some good news.

Look what someone gave!

It would be charitable to say that the laptop that Jean Miller has been using to do all the various “behind-the-scenes” administrative work that keeps our church going has seen better days. Thankfully, a laptop has been donated that should give our church office a much-needed tech refresh.

Meanwhile others are doing this…

Speaking of donations, several individuals have offered to donate new audio equipment that will enhance our ability to offer American Sign Language (ASL) translation during worship. There is the potential for a significant number of deaf or hard-of-hearing people to start attending worship with us if we can offer these enhancements. More exploration needs to be done to see how we can fit this new audio equipment into our existing sound system. In the meantime, we should all start thinking of additional ways we can welcome these individuals and lessen any barriers to making personal connections with them.

We’re about to get even more accessible!

Many people have wondered about the status of our accessibility efforts. While it may not seem like much is happening, there has been a lot of work done in this area over the past several months. Right now, we are waiting on the City of Atlanta to approve all the various permits we need so work can begin on the installation of the new lift for our building. As soon as we receive the proper permits, you will begin to see work on this part of the larger accessibility project. There may be some short-term inconveniences for us during this installation work, but the end result will be a much more accessible building for everyone.

Looking down the road…

In the near future, the Parish Council will work with Rev. Matt Laney on some strategic visioning for our church, and also more formalized stewardship efforts. You will be invited to participate in these discussions. Watch for more information on this in the future.

In the meantime, you can help prepare for these efforts by:

Thank you for all you do to make our church such a welcoming and exciting place for everyone.

Thank you,

Mike Mitchell,
VHC Parish Council