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Pick One

Perhaps you thought I’d given up political ranting this week … well, you are almost right. I’ve almost despaired that it is doing any good. That is the terrifying thing. The chaos and destruction of American core values and our systems and institutions are so rampant that no one even knows where to begin, so we are immobilized when we should be mobilizing.

As progressive people, we have a terrible time with focus. The right picks a handful of issues and fiercely, relentlessly, and ruthlessly fights for them. Although conservatives may support a wide range of the same issues, they almost always choose one to be radically committed to changing, fighting, or defending. We are not so good at that. We try to engage all the issues and either spread ourselves so thin we are ineffective, or become so emotionally overwhelmed that we become frozen and end up doing nothing because it feels hopeless.

The vision and mission of Virginia-Highland Church are based on Micah 6:8, which says that God REQUIRES three things of us:

  • Do justice.
  • Love mercy.
  • Walk humbly with God.

Now, we are clear that all of us are required to do all three things, and we are required to do all three as a church. During Lent, however, we are asking people to choose. We hope that people will practice all three in their personal lives, but, in the life of the church, we are asking people to give their best energy and their leadership to only one area. This comes from an awareness that, although we all think we are good at multitasking, the truth is few of us are.

So, pick an issue. It doesn’t have to be a lifelong commitment, but, for right now, what will you give your best energy and leadership to changing/helping/fixing/improving/healing/fighting? What resonates most with your soul at this moment? You can help with other things, but what is YOUR issue for this moment in time? How can YOU make a difference TODAY?






Rev. Michael Piazza

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