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Radical Christianity

The attacks in Paris were perpetrated by “radical Islamists” and deserve condemnation and disdain. There is no place in civilized culture for any faith-based system that kills people who simply are eating dinner or enjoying a concert or sporting event. That is evil and a perversion of any religious teaching, and it needs to be purged from the earth.

So, I’m ready to start by getting rid of the Christian faith that supports drones that blow away hospitals without checking to see who is in the beds; that supports the bombs that our allies drop on marriage parties; that supports the deaths of more than one million people killed by a supposedly “Judeo-Christian” nation in Iraq; and that supports the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocents in Afghanistan and Libya and Syria as we dropped our bombs from so high that we never had to see their faces.

The truth is Christian bombers have killed many hundreds of times more innocent people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya than Muslim bombers have ever killed. We are not willing to admit it, accept responsibility for those innocent deaths, or deal with the repercussions. I know it isn’t politically correct to raise these issues so soon after a tragedy as great as the one in Paris, but when will we finally begin to be honest about the number of innocent Muslims we continue to slaughter with the assumption that we should not pay a price?

NOTHING justifies what happened in Paris. That is PURE EVIL, but when will evil for evil stop? At some point someone must say, “Jesus tried to offer a different way. I don’t know what Mohammed tried to teach you, but Jesus tried to teach me to forgive you and love you, even though you did evil. Jesus tried to teach me to use love to stop the cycle of hate. Jesus tried to teach me that the only way to peace was for one of us to go first and that it should be me. So I will go first and forgive you and try to love you and stop the killing in the hope that you will do the same. Will you?”

We will never know if the way of Jesus will work until someone tries. Will you?


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Rev. Michael Piazza

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