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Removing the Masks, Revealing my Talents

dric / Pixabay

I recognize last week’s sermon may have been a lil’ heavy for some. It was tough for me also. I mean, who really comes to church expecting to hear to remove the masks that we have been wearing for so long? Personally, I am not that keen on being reminded that I have flaws that I have been covering up, that we all have flaws. The beauty; however, is that we (all of God’s children) have flaws! Not only do we have some huge flaws, yet God with all infinite wisdom and compassion loves us beyond our faults and sees our needs.

God knew about our potential of being flawed humans before we were even born! In fact, God is so faithful to us that our flaws have no bearing on the amount of amazing talent that has been given to each and every one of us. We have spent so much time hiding our flaws that we simultaneously hid our talents. Talents are the things that make us wonderfully unique as intricate detailed specimens. They are those special skills that we all have for purpose of blessing others. They are those things that have been buried beneath a stack of slanders.

We must break through that stack of lies and find our true selves. No more hiding, no more blending in, but standing up and standing out as the beautiful creation that God intended. In revealing our talents, we must be strong in our faith and strong in our convictions that God created a beautiful thing when we were created, flaws and all.

As you go through this week, stay encouraged and be inspired!!





Rev. Krista Forbes,

Acting Pastor

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