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Lenten Project: Peace Cranes

As part of our Lenten journey, we are challenging everyone to create 40 origami peace cranes during the 40 days of Lent. We’ll gather all of the created peace cranes and use them as part of a spectacular work of art later this year during Advent (time of the church calendar that leads up to Christmas). You’ll want to be able to say you helped bring this work of art to life, so make plans to participate in this spiritual and artistic project.

First, take a moment to learn about the history of the peace crane (see section below).

Then, get your supply of origami paper after any Sunday worship service, watch the video tutorial, take a deep breathe, and start creating your cranes.

Granted, creation of your first crane will likely cause a bit of frustration, but if you’ll stick with it, we promise it will become easier. There’s a good spiritual lesson in this activity for all of us. Plus, we’ll all enjoy a wonderful piece of art created by our own faith community.