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The Healing Light

Healing Light, The 2I was looking at one of the oldest books in my library this week. It is entitled The Healing Light and was written Agnes Sanford, the daughter of a Presbyterian missionary in China, and the wife of an Episcopal rector. This was her first book and was written in 1947. I’m not really sure how I came to read it the first time, but it opened my mind to the possibilities of how God might work in our lives to heal us without performing magic.

Mrs. Sanford suffered from severe, recurrent depression for many, many years. In her autobiography, she said that she finally began to break out of her chronic depression after a Protestant clergyman laid his hands on her head and prayed for her. She wrote that, for the next year, she went about her work repeating to herself, hourly and daily, the same prayer: “Lord have mercy on me, and fill me with Your Holy Spirit.” Little by little, over a period of time, the depression vanished, and she was finally free. Then she set about figuring out how and why.

What struck me when I first read her work was her observation that the Bible says God created light before it says that God created the sun or stars. It was as if the ancient writers knew at an intuitive level what scientists would learn later, that all of creation is composed of energy or, in ancient terms, light. Her idea was that healing is possible if we can open our lives to the Energy that is the source of all creation. Her writing tries to teach us to envision the Light of Life flowing into us and then to synchronize our lives with Life itself.

Ultimately, I believe that all of us should have as a goal to synchronize the pulse and rhythm of our lives in every way with the heartbeat of Creation itself. We should visualize our lives as channels for the flow of the Light of Life. Jesus called us “the light of the world,” but we know that we are not the source, but channels, of that light. The great thing about that is we are touched by the light that we get to deliver to the world.


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