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The Ketogenic Diet

Inspired by a dear friend who has lost a ton of weight on the Ketogenic Diet

Since Bill’s death, I have been drinking too much and eating comfort food and dessert far too often. Lent was the perfect opportunity to repent of my unhealthy eating habits, so I gave up all sweets and all simple carbohydrates.

I assumed that, without bread, sweets, potatoes, and pasta, the weight simply would melt off. It didn’t. My friend explained that the key is to increase my consumption of unsaturated fats. Basically, you are supposed to put your body into a state of ketosis so that it will begin burning fat as fuel instead of carbs. That’s the key.

Well, who doesn’t like bacon, butter, and cheese? The trouble is Lent, and now the season of Easter, have passed, and I still haven’t lost much weight. I am almost desperate enough to start exercising. Bill and I used to go to the gym together, and I haven’t been back without him. Alas, it appears that the only way I’m going to lose weight is to burn more calories than I’m taking in.

When my friend became a shadow of his former self on the Keto Diet, I thought perhaps I’d found a magical formula that wouldn’t require me to get up earlier and become sore and sweaty. I know some people enjoy running or lifting weights. I am not one of those people. Still, I’m smart enough to know that there is no such thing as magic and that if it was easy to lose weight everyone would do it.

I need to be reminded on a regular basis that anything worth accomplishing in life requires hard work. I keep hoping for magic, but, so far, the only magic I’ve found is that which comes from persistently and consistently doing what we know is right.

So, I guess if I don’t lose 10 pounds soon, I’m going to have to start working out and eating even less. Perhaps you know a magical way to lose weight. No? Me neither.




Rev. Michael Piazza

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