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No matter how Republicans spin it, the latest version of “Trumpcare” gives a massive tax cut to the richest 400 families in America and severely punishes the poorest and least-able Americans. Kellyanne Conway says that all those on Medicaid should get jobs. She is a part of the arrogant, white, privileged class this proposal represents.

The truth is Medicaid covers about 40 percent of children in America. That is because we are one of the worst industrialized nations when it comes to caring for our children. This fact alone should shame us, but the Senate now wants to make things far worse simply so their wealthy donors can get a tax break. Make no mistake; the racism of the Southern and Western states they represent support cutting off people of color who make up most of the working poor.

The winner of last week’s special election in Georgia’s sixth congressional district said she didn’t support a livable wage. Well, there you have it. The party that controls the government doesn’t believe that the working poor deserve a living wage, and now they also propose cutting them off from health care.

Is this government-planned euthanasia? Are they planning to kill off those who are too poor to afford health insurance, or is this the modern slavery that forces the working poor to sell their souls so that their children might be able to live? I saw a headline recently that said the billionaire Koch brothers oppose the proposed health care plan because it was not conservative ENOUGH. That is, it doesn’t benefit them and punish the poor enough. THAT is EVIL.

This entire conversation seems totally devoid of the values of Jesus. Liberals don’t seem capable of articulating Christian values, and conservatives are too racist to fight for anything that might help the poor who are most likely to be people of color.

I don’t believe God rained down fire on Sodom, but who could blame God for targeting a bit of brimstone on Washington?




Rev. Michael Piazza

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