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Water Communion Sunday


Just like last year, we will mark the end of summer with “Water Communion,” an idea borrowed from our Unitarian Universalist sisters and brothers. You are invited to bring a very small container of water to worship THIS Sunday, August 28, at 11 a.m., whether you collected it during your summer travels, or from a special spot here in Atlanta, or out of the faucet in your home from which you bathe or cook for your family and friends. We all will share our water, and, after it is purified, we will use it throughout the coming year as our holy water.

Although this will be only the second year that we have done this, Water Communion at Virginia-Highland Church already has become one of the most meaningful and powerful moments of my ministry. With YOUR water, we will baptize babies and adults, and we will bless homes and marriages. We will renew baptismal vows, and, soon, we will bless the ministry of our new associate pastor. In every one of these celebrations, you will be present through the water that you will bring. Please don’t miss this very special day. It will not be complete without you. 

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