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What We Can Do

There is always something we can do to prevent tragedies such as the mass shooting that has happened in Las Vegas.

Here are some recommendations from our denomination, the United Church of Christ.


If you are a gun owner, follow these guidelines:

Secure guns in homes and vehicles.

Model responsible behavior.

Ask about unsecured guns in other homes.

Recognize the risks of teen suicide.

Tell your peers to be SMART.

Demand Policies

Ask your local organizations about their gun policies and demand that they publish them.

It is important for your local community organizations to have a gun policy (whether they allow guns or not).  Ask your local:

  • Businesses
  • Faith communities
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Public spaces

Educate Yourself

Learn more about why gun violence is an issue for people of faith.

Download the United Church of Christ’s Faith vs. Fear: A Faith Response to Gun Violence. This five-part bible study is a good tool for opening up discussion.

Contact Your Representatives

Message them on Facebook and Twitter.

Find out who represents you in Congress, then let them know that you are a constituent, that you want to make gun reform a priority and that you expect to see them take strong action on common sense gun reforms like legislation to strengthen the background check process and state/federal cooperation improvement needed to make it more effective.

Your elected officials listen to what you have to say on social media. 

Join A Group

Join a local gun violence prevention group.

National groups with local chapters:


Register to vote and then actually VOTE.

Your vote is your voice.