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Winning the Lottery

lotteryI didn’t win the lottery, and I bet you didn’t either. I keep playing, though. Oh, I know the odds, but I don’t know how else I’m ever going to have the money to do all the things I want to do.

Sure, I want to travel, and I don’t want to work two jobs. I want to take my parents on a long vacation and pay off some friends’ debts. My real fantasy, though, is to create a foundation to help many of the great causes I wish I had the time and resources to support.

I’ve been dreaming lately of how I can help struggling churches grow. It is apparently a subject I know something about, but having to work for a living keeps getting in the way of being able to do some of the good I’d like to do. The news reported recently the salaries of the first-round picks in the recent NFL draft. They won the lottery. Oh, make no mistake: they worked hard to get there, but you work hard, too, and no one is paying you millions of dollars to play 16 games a year.

In my younger days the lottery held the promise of buying a house, a nice car, putting my kids through college, and perhaps retirement. Then I won the lottery. Oh, I didn’t win the one the states use to trick us into paying more taxes; I won the one that results from living long enough to work hard, buy a house, pay for a car, and put my kids through college.

Today, when I lie in bed fantasizing about winning the lottery, my dream is to spend the rest of my life giving away money to causes in which I believe. I want to give the last dime away on the day I die. So I keep buying tickets, but, so far, every indication is that I’m just going to have to make that fantasy a reality with the lottery that comes from working hard. It won’t be as much money, but, hopefully, I still can time it so that I give away my last dime on the day I die.

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