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You Have One More Week

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, which, of course, is the start of Holy Week. Lent it almost over, but, before it is done, there is one more week to see if we might yet have a spiritual breakthrough, an awakening, make a connection with God, do something that authentically prepares our souls for new life. It COULD happen. We also COULD have taken the 40 days of Lent seriously, but …

Somehow, our spiritual health keeps slipping down the list of life’s priorities. Oh, I could tell you one way to rediscover just how important it is to learn to pray, but I hope life never does that to you. It is unfortunate that “Lent” often is something that gets imposed upon our lives forcing us to stop in our tracks and consider what is of real value; demanding that we desperately learn to pray because there is no other hope for ourselves or someone we love; startling us into considering our mortality and what death really means for us.

Lent is the church’s invitation to ponder these things before we HAVE to. It is important that we accept this invitation for two reasons. First, it is healthier to consider your life while it is not under threat so you can do so with some reasonable objectivity. Second, we don’t always get to have our personal Lents. This very day thousands of people arose expecting things to be pretty much as they were last Monday, only to discover they will never have another Tuesday. No one is promised a season to prepare their souls; thus, we must live always prepared for each day to be our last.

So, today begins the last week of Lent. I can’t promise that you will have all week to get ready for Easter, but, if you do, I hope you will use it well. Like me, you probably have to work and shop and cook and do house work, but, as you do all of those things, pray and meditate and ponder. Prepare your soul. Friday is coming. It is coming for us all. What does Jesus’ Friday mean for your Friday? The answer to that may shape what Jesus’ Sunday means for yours.


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Rev. Michael Piazza

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